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Do you remember the last time you went to your bank asking for a car loan? Did they make it easy, eliminating all the hurdles between you and your new ride, or was there a lot of paperwork, days or weeks of waiting, and even more questions before they finally made any sort of decision?

If that’s been your car finance experience, it’s time to give Dream Nissan’s financing department a chance. Instead of telling you what you’ll have to pay, we ask you what fits your budget. We don’t take weeks to make a decision. Within minutes, you will have your loan approval to buy your next new car. Its that easy.

So, how does financing a car with Dream Nissan work?


If you already know how much you can spend on your car monthly, you probably have a pretty good idea of what you can spend on a car purchase overall. It’s a good idea to come into the dealership with an upper price limit in mind, just so you don’t get in over your head in all the excitement of choosing your next hot ride. Since you’ve already got car insurance, make sure to call your insurance agent to get an idea what a new policy would cost on the car you’ve got your eye on. If you need help with Insurance, we got you covered. Our in house Allstate agent will get you covered within minutes.

Knowing how much you can spend gives our staff the information they need to find the Nissan that’s perfect for your lifestyle. Whether new or gently used, fuel efficient compact or rugged full-size SUV, we’ve got the Nissan of your dreams in the perfect color and with all the features you’ve been looking for.


Not sure you’ll qualify for a loan? We’re sure we can match you with one that will meet your needs. Unlike your bank or credit union, we’ve got an entire portfolio of loan products we can use to help you finance your dream car at Dream Nissan. With our partnerships with over 60+ lenders, we will find the best financing package that fits your needs.

You may qualify for several different loan options or loan terms; but remember that although your payment will be smaller with a longer-term loan, you’ll end up paying more in interest in the long run.


Before you drive your car off the lot, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got plenty of insurance coverage. You’re absolutely welcome to call your current agent, set up your policy with them, and provide us with proof of insurance for your new vehicle, but you can also stop in to see our in-house AllState agent. Our in-house agent already knows exactly what the required minimums are for our loan products, making it a totally seamless process for you, and dramatically reducing the time it takes to make your loan.


You’ve done all the hard stuff, it’s time to get on with the rest of your day – in your new car! Who says you have to spend all day at the dealership when you buy a car? We’re all about getting you in and out and on your way. Nobody wants to hang out at a car lot all day, not even one as dreamy as Dream Nissan.

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