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Owning a car is a pleasure, but it’s also a big responsibility. The day will come when your favorite mode of transportation and recreation needs to be serviced, and it really does matter who takes care of your mechanical baby. At Dream Nissan, our ASE-certified mechanics are factory-trained specialists in Nissan automobiles. Your Nissan will only ever be diagnosed and repaired by our brand experts, who understand your vehicle inside and out.

There’s absolutely a place for a general-purpose garage in automotive care, but using your local Nissan dealership means you’ll always have access to the right parts right away, as well as mechanics with the most up-to-date training in your vehicle’s particular quirks. There’s no reason for additional delays or expenses, just pop in at your local Nissan specialty garage.


Tired of waiting and waiting to find out if the mechanic can even fit your car into the schedule today? Wait no longer. The entire Dream Nissan service experience starts with easy to schedule appointments designed to fit into your day, or you can leave your car with us when it’s convenient for you. We’ll ask about the problems your car is experiencing, do our best to reproduce the symptoms that are causing you trouble, and use the latest tools and tech to diagnose your vehicle’s issues right away.

With our comprehensive monitoring tools, we can even get a list of other issues you may not yet be aware of in your vehicle. Some may be minor, others may be getting ready to be bigger problems. Either way, we’ll fix what you brought your Nissan in for, as well as providing you with a list of items that should be repaired soon, as well as those that should be monitored over the longer term. We’re not looking to sell extra services – we just want your Nissan to continue to run like a dream.


Automotive shops all have their specialties – even those that work closely with your car’s dealership! Lucky for you, we do a lot of things really well, making it easier and faster to solve your car’s problems, no matter what they are. Since we’re close with your Nissan dealership, it’s easy for us to get the parts you need direct from the manufacturer!

Here are just a few of the areas where we can help improve your car’s performance and longevity:

Tire and Lube

Oil is the lifeblood of your car, there’s no denying that. If it’s worn out or dirty, your car’s performance will suffer and you risk causing serious injury to your engine. Your tires as just as important, though. If the treat is getting thin, or they’re leaking air, there’s no way to be confident you’re really getting a safe ride.

We care about your safety and the health of your vehicle, which is why we offer regular maintenance like:
Oil changes
Filter replacement
Tire repair and replacement
Tire rotation and balancing
Nitrogen filling


Of course, any ASE-certified mechanic can take care of your Nissan but choosing Nissan experts will get you back on the road faster, with repairs you know have the manufacturer’s blessing. We want your car to run like a dream! No matter what problems your car is experiencing, we can help with services like:

Coolant system service
Heating system repair
Fuel system services
Brake repair, replacement, and maintenance
Four-wheel alignment
Battery testing and replacement

At Dream Nissan, we want you to be a happy vehicle owner, whether you bought your car from us or elsewhere. Remember, you can use your True Lifetime Warranty with our in-house service center, too!

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