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Driving away with your new car is only the beginning of your journey with Dream Nissan! We offer parts and service for as long as you own your vehicle, too. You can order parts direct from Nissan for both new and used cars from our lot. This is how we ensure your vehicles have plenty of happy miles left in them!

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It’s easy to see why people choose to purchase aftermarket parts (parts built by someone other than the original manufacturer). They’re often less expensive and may promise options that aren’t available from the original manufacturer. But there are reasons for this. Those additional options, for example, may not really be all that compatible with your vehicle, leading to unnecessary wear and tear, or even serious damage.

Aftermarket parts are a very hit and miss proposition. Poorly fitting gaskets and seals, for example, can lead to major leaks; aftermarket computer modules can cause catastrophic failure in modern, computer-enhanced vehicles. Because aftermarket parts aren’t always built to the same standard (or using the same specs) as the originals, it’s difficult to know what kind of quality you’re actually going to get. If your car’s longevity is important to you, the few extra dollars spent on manufacturer parts can be well worth the investment.

Besides, manufacturer parts generally come with significant warranties, so you never have to worry if the part turns out to be a dud. Imagine replacing an expensive computer component, only for it to go bad a few months later. Aftermarkets aren’t generally well-warrantied, so you’d be on the hook for a replacement. Not so with many manufacturer parts! Just give us a call and we’ll check your warranty status before getting a replacement part covered by Nissan – no giant hit to the wallet required.

Manufacturer parts are also easier to replace, since it’s always a like-for-like swap. Rather than having to modify an aftermarket part to make it fit, manufacturer parts slide right in, cutting down on the labor involved in servicing your car. That saves you money, too!


It’s easy to get the parts you need when you need them from Dream Nissan’s part department. Just drop by with your car (or give us a call!) and we’ll help you choose the right parts for the job. If you bought your car at Dream Nissan, you can take advantage of your True UNLIMITED Warranty in our service department.

Either way, we’ll get the right parts to you fast! It’s often better to bring your car in so we can ensure the proper part is ordered, but if you can’t stop in, have your VIN handy, as we can usually tell from that which version of a manufacturer part will be required for your ride.

At Dream Automotive, your service never ends at the sale. We’re your car ownership partners for a lifetime! Whether you need help diagnosing a particularly tricky problem, or just want to order parts you can easily swap into your car over a weekend, we’re here to make your Nissan ownership a dream.

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